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DIVAS Reliable Commercial & Residential Pest Control Pest Management


Based in Norman, our experienced Pest Control Trained Technicians give new meaning to "divas".


FREE Inspections on All services

  • FREE Inspections, Never a Trip Charge
  • State-of-the-art Technologies and Equipment
  • Written Communication – Detailed Reporting
  • Quality Audits
  • Physical Exclusions Performed As Needed (i.e., sealing of cracks, holes and so on related to pest control)
  • 24-Hour Response Time
  • Communication Log Book

Why Choose Us?

Divas Pest Management offers service programs to fit each clients needs

Unlike other pest control companies who follow cookie cutter pest control programs and applications which may cost more, Divas Pest Management does more by addressing your specific pest issues. We take the time to build a specialized program specific to your needs — at home or the office, it’s that simple.

Using an “Integrated Pest Management” approach (IPA), our residential and commercial clients can expect the best pest control solution. Our IPA services include:

  • Physical Exclusion and Access Denial
  • Habitat and Harborage Modification
  • Physical and Mechanical Controls
  • Pesticide Application
  • Client Communication and Education

LEED Certification

Our sustainable pest solutions help your building(s) become LEED Certified

Indoor Environmental Quality is one of the categories that LEED measures. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that Americans spend about 90% of their day indoors, where the air quality can be significantly worse than outdoors. The Indoor Environmental Quality credit category promotes strategies that can improve indoor air. By working with a pest control company that has a truly Green program, like Diva Pest Management’s “Natural Choice Program,” you will earn LEED points. Just make sure to tell your DivasPest consultant or professional technician that your company is trying to earn LEED Certification so they know to design your services accordingly.

Meet Our Team

Kathy Elkins

Kathy Elkins

Operations Manager/
Technical Advisor

Jakob Patterson

Jakob Patterson

Licensed Technician/Sales

Margie Harshaw

Margie Harshaw

Office Manager

Sherry Belle-Isle

Sherry Belle-Isle

Customer Service Representative


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Recommended by realtors and property managers, we deliver the services you need with no hidden fees.

Pest Inspection & Identification

Successful pest control starts with correctly identifying the pest problem. It takes an experienced exterminator like Divas Pest Management to correctly identify Oklahoma bugs and pests to perform the proper treatment. Homeowners in Oklahoma are advised to have their home inspected at least once a year. We make this easy by offering free pest control inspections and a free yearly termite inspection.

The Integrated Pest Management Approach

Our Integrated Pest Management approach (IPM) gives residential and commercial clients the full pest management care they expect, and includes: sealing areas where pests can enter your structure, changing the habitat and harborage to reduce pest action around your home or office, physically trapping and removing pests, as well as the correct product application in the areas needed.

Safe and Effective
Bed Bug Extermination

Trusted by Norman and Oklahoma City realtors and property managers, Divas Pest Management professionals can safely eradicate bed bugs from your home. Bed bugs are a growing problem across the entire U.S., not just here in Oklahoma. These pesky blood suckers require immediate treatment by an experienced bed bug exterminator like Divas Pest Management as the first signs of infestation.

Termite Control
You Can Trust

If you suspect termites DON’T PANIC, call Divas Pest Management for a termite inspection. Not all termites are the same and successful terminate extermination requires an experienced termite inspector to detect the presence of all species of termites found in Oklahoma. If termites are found we will provide detailed information about the areas of infestation, the type of termite(s) and any areas of concern.

Call Divas Pest Management at 405-701-0978 today!

We apply our integrate pest management approach to all our pest control services, including those targeted for bed bugs, cockroaches, termites, rodents, snakes and birds.

Pest control and annual termite inspections are free.




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